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    I started Devoted2Dogs in 2011 when I stopped working to care for and rehabilitate Lyla, my rescue Lurcher (Saluki/Whippet), following a terrible accident in which she was hit by a car whilst my husband and I were on holiday.


    I had always been desperate to have a dog but never felt that it was fair given that I had, up until 2011, always worked full time in central London, something a lot of dog owners struggle with.  I was the London Area Manager for a retail fashion business, and in early 2009 the then Managing Director agreed to allow me to bring a dog to work.  As you can imagine I was absolutely thrilled.


    After eight weeks searching across numerous rescue centres we fell in love with a beautiful, but badly injured Lurcher, who was recovering at the Dogs Trust in Harefield. The name that had been given to her by the wonderful staff was “Honey Lamb”, clearly this needed to be changed!  Over the next two years Lyla and I were inseparable, and she was with me every day – bliss. However, in mid 2011 a change at the company resulted in me being informed that I would no longer be able to take Lyla to work. I tried to overturn their decision but they would not change their mind.  Overnight I went from being with Lyla every day to having to find day care, a real eye opener. I could not find somebody to “be me” for Lyla, and care for her as I would, which weighed heavily on my mind every day I dropped her off.


    In September 2011 Lyla was seriously injured in a road traffic accident.  The next 24 hours were incredibly difficult for me as I travelled back from overseas, racing to be with her.  When I finally saw Lyla in the Vets I knew what I had to do.  I left the world of fashion retail immediately as I was needed at home to care for and rehabilitate Lyla.


    Thankfully Lyla recovered, and the time I had spent with her confirmed to me that I had to find a way to be with her, and to follow my passion – Devoted 2 Dogs was born.  I could not have imagined just how rewarding a decision to follow my heart would prove to be.  I feel blessed not only to be able to spend every day with Lyla, but to share so many wonderful moments with our canine companions.


    Over the last few years I have developed a deep understanding of, and love of Sighthounds, especially Whippets and Lurchers.  I recognise their sensitive nature and need for extra care and comforts.  I now offer a service to board Whippets and Sighthounds from around the country.


    I hope you investigate my website fully to understand why I feel that I offer something very different, and why you should trust me with your best friend and companion.



    Click here to read Lyla’s (AKA Honey’s) Story at the Dogs Trust


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    • When I first moved to Harrow, working full time with a long commute into London, I found it hard to give my whippet Harvey the exercise he needed. Finding Shazia was life changing for both of us, Harvey learned to run off lead and made lots of new canine friends, and I returned from work to a happy well exercised whippet every day! Now we've moved further afield Harvey still returns to Devoted2Dogs for his holidays whenever I'm travelling. He is always excited to be reunited with his old friends and makes himself at home right away! I know I never have to worry because Shazia looks after all the dogs in her care as if they're her own, and Harvey gets all the cuddles he needs! I only worry he won't want to come home again ;)

      Jeni for whippet Harvey
    • I am so happy to have found Shazia. She understands the whippet personality perfectly and is so welcoming and accommodating to my whippet Penny that I feel completely relaxed about leaving her in Shazia's care. Penny has great walks and a snuggly sleepover when necessary. Home from Home!

      Kay for whippet Penny
    • I am so pleased to have found Shazia to walk my whippet, Roscoe. She obviously understands sighthounds and has a lot of experience with them, so I trust her to keep him safe and give him great opportunities to let off steam on their walks. They have a great relationship and it's really comforting knowing that there is someone he loves walking him when I'm not able to. Roscoe has also boarded with Shazia in her home and is treated like one of the family. I would highly recommend Shazia if you are looking for someone to care for your dog.

      Laura for whippet Roscoe
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