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My name is Shazia and I provide differentiated, personalised, and totally dependable dog walking and pet services for clients in Harrow and surrounding areas.

If, like me, you think that finding the right person to look after your loved and cherished pet is one of the most important decisions you can make, then please invest a few minutes to explore my website.

I hope that by reading my story you will realise that I have made life choices for my dog, Lyla.  I truly love animals and I understand completely how important a family pet is.  I sincerely hope you click on the “read more” tab and find out how and why I set up Devoted 2 Dogs.

I wish you the very best in your search!

In our search to find a dog sitter, we found regular carers who would look after our dog, but when we entered Shazia's home we found a calm and serene environment, it was exactly what we needed for our hyper young puppy.


Ever since, Mishty our spirited Pomeranian has received all the love, care and attention any dog owner could possibly wish for under the care of Shazia and Lyla. She has also been extremely flexible in her ways, accommodating for us around our working schedules.


We have felt so comfortable with the environment he stays in under Shazia's care, that we have left him on some weekend days and would have no problem in leaving him with Shazia in the event of us going away.


Thank you Shazia for sharing your love and Lyla's love with our baby.




I have been using the Devoted 2 Dogs service for over a year now - once switching to a different dog walker due to a relocation only to come creeping back with my tail between my legs having realised what a gem I had found.

Shazia takes great care with my two dogs, one a puppy and one an adult. She takes great pains to accommodate any arising needs or concerns, for example ensuring my dog was kept on lead when she had a cut paw or providing reduced walks for my very young puppy that couldn't walk so far (even carrying her when she got too tired!) She ensures that they have adequate down-time when not on walks which is important for them to remain happy and relaxed, coming home content and tired every time!

She has a very gentle nature with dogs, which I have seen with my own eyes, and I know that she takes pains to keep up with modern behaviour and training practices.

On a practical level, Shazia has bent over backwards to help me out in an emergency. On one occasion my existing (and very temporary!) dog walker cancelled on me when I was working all day as a single dog-owner - Shazia was 'choca-block' with dogs that day but together we came up with a plan that meant I could work and my dogs still came home happy.

I am *extremely* fussy with who looks after my dogs - that I would send my dogs to her any day of the week is testament to how devoted Shazia really is!




Thank you so much for taking such good care of Saute so well; he looked really happy and relaxed afterwards.


I don’t know what magic you worked but since he stayed with you he seems to have a new spring in his step, happily walking in the rain, which he never liked before, and chasing after squirrels in a way I haven’t seen him do for a year or two!


(Maybe having Lyla as his friend has made him feel that there’s mileage in the old dog yet……?)


Anyway, he was clearly very well looked after so thank you again.




I can't say enough to praise Shazia.  I was looking for someone to take care of my dogs especially my Japanese Spitz, who is very nervous and finds it difficult to get on with anyone except the family at home.


I got to know Shazia through the nurse at my local veterinary clinic and I was not sure if we should go ahead and use her service although she came highly recommended.


I called Shazia and we made an appointment to meet at my house.  As soon as she walked in the front door, I knew that we had found someone special and the service she would offer me would be equally special.  Shazia spent some time with us and got to know the dogs using her gentleness and skills, she eventually won both my dogs hearts.


Shazia is very efficient and reliable and my dogs spent a few weekends at her house.  She opened her heart and home and cared for them with love and when they came back home they wanted to go back with her!


Shazia is an individual with that rare special quality who cares about the dogs in her charge and is a shining example of how to treat and respect the dogs with her knowledge.


Both my dogs now go for regular walks with her and I also leave my dogs in her charge with absolute peace of mind when I am away.


I would recommend Shazia to anyone who wants to have their dogs cared for.  She is trustworthy and will love all the dogs in her charge just the way you would yourself.


Shazia is totally devoted to dogs, just as her name implies ' Devoted 2 Dogs'




Ameet & Dipaley for Mishty


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